Unite for life vigil turnout success in Dublin, Ireland

unite for life vigil in Dublin

30,000 people turned up for the Unite for life rally in Dublin today

It was a very well organised event, as the Irish police estimated an attendance of 30,000 people, young & old. A most professional of pro life rallies, that really pleased the crowds to no end. So much so, that when it came to donations, there was more than a silent collection. Pro lifers from all over Ireland gave very generously, and €50 notes were been stuffed into the collection boxes like there was no tomorrow.

Good speakers profile

The speakers were excellent, and for many, they heard truth for the first time since the abortion debate began to loom and get ugly. Micky Harte gave a very level headed and rational speach, Bernadette Smith roused the crowd, Dr. Eoin De Faoite was there as the stage M.C. and their was a great live link up from one end of Dublin’s Merrion Square to the other with Maura Gerrihy assisting M.C. from the crowds at the back. Niamh Ní Bhriain’s gave a great speech at the close of the vigil, and everyone was so grateful for the hard work put into the organization of the rally. It was probably the most amazing pro life event ever, real high tech stuff, and the posters were in ample supply. A lot of Catholic clergy were there, and a recently appointed bishop was present, which was great to see. One of the more encouraging aspects of the unite for life rally is that RTE gave a report that was more reflective of the reality of the attendance than they appeared to give at the last vigil for life rally in December.

The origins science angle

For Daylight Origins Science, there was a nice bit of flyer handouts at the end of the rally as people were going home. The A6 origins science leaflets pointed out the falsity of Haekel’s Embryonic Diagram and how Haekel forged images to make it look like human life started off as a salamander fish in the womb. A lot of people in attendance of the unite for life vigil will be very surprised to learn about Haekel’s forgery, and will no doubt be upset to find out that it is still used in Irish schools today, used as evidence for evolution. No wonder educated people in Ireland are been hood winked over the abortion issue, they believe an embryo in its early stages is no more than a salamander fish! If its OK to kill a fish, then sure to kill an embryo is no different, they believe…

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