The Rally for Life Movement in Ireland is gaining huge momentum

A huge crowd of at least 50,000 turned up for the Rally for Life in Dublin

A snap shot of the massive crowds who turned up for the Rally for Life against abortion in Dublin

Saturday 6th July 2013 was an historic occasion for Ireland. An amazing turn out of over 50,000 people (at least) walked down O’Connell street in Dublin. This was Ireland’s biggest ever pro-life rally against abortion. It was an amazing achievement by Youth Defence, along with the Life Institute and Precious Life as well as the good will of the Irish supporters. This Rally for Life was a family filled event, adding so much colour to Ireland’s capital. Daylight Origins Society member Paul was there as a steward, and was immersed in a crowd of descent, hard working vociferous Irish. There were so many different facets to this Rally for Life. So much to celebrate… Were do we start?

The Calm before the storm

The sun was shining, splitting the granite pavements of Dublin, while stewards worked in earnest to insure a smooth rally. The starting time was for 14:00, but by 13:30, one was left asking, where is everyone. The top of Parnell Street looked a bit sparse for a gathering. The possibility of a no show surfaced our minds. Before we knew it, we had a deluge of pro life support, lining up the streets nearby. The storm had hit, and hit us with colossal force. One man from Cork demanded that the rally gets underway, as it was too hot to be standing around. It was 14:10, and this pro lifer had a point. The rally got going, and pulled away slowly. The Irish police were in force guiding this colourful banner filled rally down Dublin’s main street and onto the Irish parliament on Kildare street.

Some rally for life highlights

The balloon filled open top buses were a good platform to rally the thronged streets of Dublin, and the marching band added to the fanfare. A lone bagpipe player added to the atmosphere in his particular section of the lengthy rally for life. A children’s train gave O’Connell street a rare edition to the main street’s transport network. Everyone supporting the rally for life were in high spirits, and the chants of pro life resounded all along the rally route.

Great rally for life speeches from public figures

On Kildare street the rally organisers were in shock as the long street welled up with people from Dublin and around the country. The hard work had really paid off, with a good show of people. As one prominent event organiser said, “Dublin came out today”. An unknown quantity from Donegal, was MC for the Rally, (Tim). This young Irish man gave a great speech, and really touched the pro lifers present. There was Declan Ganley, a politician who gave a mighty speech that hit the nail on the head. Niamh Ui Bhrian of the Life institute gave an important input, and Bernadette Smith of Precious Life gave the rally that all Ireland perspective that the event has come to be known for. Even in the hot sun, people stayed to listen, and the chants by the people to Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael / Labour coalition government to allow a referendum was repeated over & over. It was an exceptional Rally for life, building on the back of previous rallies.

Ground swell of support

The numbers keep growing – up from June 8th Vigil for Life 2013 of in excess of 30,000 pro lifers. Up also from the prior in excess of 27,000 at the Unite for life vigil turnout in Dublin in January. Up again from the big turn out at the prolife candlelight vigil in Dublin last December. Fair play Ireland, stick to your guns & don’t let Fine Gael legalise the intentional killing of Irish babies.

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