New internet health warning!

The internet can cause high stress levels… especially if your a rookie webmaster trying out new tricks! Daylight Origins have decided to issue an unofficial health warning after learning of a webmaster’s mishap. The rookie was getting very confident with his new found skill set. Upon applying a new WordPress … More on this here….

The UK origins science tour begins

Today is a great day for Great Britain. Hugh Owen teams up with Greg Clovis to begin their UK origins science tour. The venues and dates have been firmed up, and the tour begins to roll out. The 1st origins science seminar is today (Saturday) March 1st at St. Andrew’s … More on this here….

Kolbe Center UK Tour for effective origins science evangelization

This has been the predicament of late… the world has promised much, but has given little. We were sold an evolutionary deception, and now we Catholics are waking up. Morality is being ignored by politicians with vested interests, and theistic evolutionist clergy aren’t proclaiming truths. Catholics laity now realize there … More on this here….

Iron sharpens iron, and makes good for Catholic evangelization

Things may sometimes go stale from time to time, but behind the origins science scene, iron is sharpening iron. Of late we’ve been in-undated with personal commitments to keep bread on the table. Other Catholic evangelization websites have taken priority, and in some way it has all been very beneficial … More on this here….

Origins science Daylight magazine, winter 2013

It coming along nicely, the winter edition of Daylight magazine 2013. We’ve been blessed to have a team of article writers, all of whom have made good contributions. It was such a great joy to receive an email from the Daylight magazine editor. Anthony Nevard emailed us a sneak preview … More on this here….

Spiritual nourishment is like a gold nugget today

It was an excellent day at Mount St. Anne’s retreat centre listening to a Dominican priest give very applicable Biblical exegesis on the recent sunday gospel of Zacchaeus. Also featured for spiritual nourishment was the story of Zechariah, as well as the 10 lepers cured by Jesus. As you know, … More on this here….