Spiritual nourishment is like a gold nugget today

Spiritual nourishment is rarely found in climbing ladders, but there are exceptions to the Rule, and Zacchaeus is just that.

Very few people today climb ladders for the right reason. Zacchaeus chose wisely to climb a tree to receive spiritual nourishment from Jesus.

It was an excellent day at Mount St. Anne’s retreat centre listening to a Dominican priest give very applicable Biblical exegesis on the recent sunday gospel of Zacchaeus. Also featured for spiritual nourishment was the story of Zechariah, as well as the 10 lepers cured by Jesus. As you know, Zacchaeus was a small man, a tax collector of great wealth. He had to climb a tree to gain spiritual nourishment from Jesus, who walked through the crowds – Luke 19:1-10. Zechariah was a priest who was privileged to incense the Holy of Holies in Jerusalem – Luke 1:5-25. Additionally, only a Samaritan, (a cured leper) came back to thank Jesus – Luke 17:11-19.

The applicability to our lives today.

To quickly understand how we derived such spiritual nourishment, we need to take these biblical accounts going in a re-mixed order. Of the 10 lepers, only the Samaritan, (a foreigner) came back to thank Jesus for curing him. That is, only 10% gave Our Lord any thanks or praise for what He had did for them. Likewise, today only 10% of Catholics (gentile foreigners) come to Our Lord each Sabbath to give thanks. Zechariah was a priest who performed his priestly duties, but on his special day in Jerusalem, he did not expect any miracles. So many priests and laity are like Zechariah when they are at Holy Mass. Zacchaeus got to meet Jesus because he climbed a tree. Today, we have to climb above indifference, to meet Our Lord on the Sabbath.

What is missing from this otherwise excellent spiritual nourishment?

The talks centred around the gospels, which is very important. The theology for the Gospels are often quite good when you here it from a reflective priest. But when it comes to origins science, Adam & Eve or Genesis in the Old Testament, exegesis commonly takes the form of a mystery. But the Old Testament is where the Water of Life springs from. The result of any mystery clause can be akin to bringing a donkey to the water, without the ass realizing that it is drinkable. The Water of Life is truly everlasting spiritual nourishment. Yet few men are brought to realize its presence. Perhaps if the 90% were to hear Special Creation seminars, more people would return to Jesus, to give Him thanks. More priests & laity would believe in miracles. More people would rise above indifference to meet Our Lord on Sunday at Holy Communion.

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