Successful origins science evangelization tour in Ireland

Origins Science Evangelization Tour in Wilton, Cork November 2013

Origins Science Evangelization tour with Hugh Owen and Greg Clovis of the Kolbe Center for the Study of special Creation

The recent evangelization tour has finished with a high note for both Daylight Origins and the Kolbe Center. Both organizations succeeded in equipping church leaders and laity in Ireland to defend their Catholic faith. The year of faith has brought many blessings for the origins science evangelization tour. The Lord is preparing our Catholic Church towards a rediscovery of her traditional & literal interpretations of the Creation account in Genesis. The Church Fathers, Saints, Doctors, Councils and Popes are making their presence felt. The magisterium of the Catholic Church is making noise.

The origins science evangelization tour preps

The Daylight team were blessed with the decision to prepare well in advance for these origins science evangelization tour seminars. We have built on our network of support, and we thank the Lord for sending us good promoters. Daylight origins circulated 3000 A6 colour flyers, and had 2 prominent adverts printed in the Catholic Voice. We then had the good fortune of having a press release in the same paper. Our 4 venues were all based within Catholic grounds, which made a huge difference promotion wise. We did a Facebook campaign, sent out emails, and many web texts. But it was our network of promoters that really helped garner support. Praise God for all the assistance in the promotion of our origins science evangelization tour seminars.

Evangelization tour seminar numerical results

Overall there was four origins science evangelization tour seminars with an average turn out of forty four attendees. The biggest turn out was in Cork city with a turn out of Sixty three attendees, two of whom were open minded priests. Dublin West had a good turn out with more than forty five attendees including three enthusiastic priests. Dublin had the added bonus of a private meeting with a a priest of a religious order who felt the meeting worthwhile. Cavan Town saw up to 30 people on a cold night. It was the 1st time for the Kolbe Center to give an origins science evangelization tour there. Two priests were in attendance, and one lay man’s heart was set on fire. Donegal however seems to have got the cream of the crop, with an additional private meeting with a prominent member of the clergy. We will continue to build on recent Irish origins science evangelization tour seminars going forward.

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