Why the importance & focus on Origins Science

What did Eve say to Adam

Did Eve convince Adam to eat from the fruit of the forbidden tree?

You would imagine that there were other topics of interest to cover. Subjects that would be possibly more spiritually nourishing than harping on about origins science, Adam & Eve and the creation account in the book of Genesis. Would it not be better to broaden out the range of subjects beyond the theory of evolution to attract a wider audience? Well it does seem at face value like a great idea. But we have some reservations as to the real value of this. You see Origins Science covers natural science & theology, fusing faith and reason together in a complimentary way. If you don’t have this solid fusion, then the foundation will be wrong. If the foundation is wrong, then cracks will appear in the edifice. These cracks will grow so big, that eventually the church will look like a horrible ruin.

The situation in Ireland

Ireland is going through some particularly tough times in the moral climate with regards the abortion debate, gay marriage and children’s rights. The lack of appreciation for the traditional & literal interpretation of the creation account has led to these quagmires indirectly. Our evangelical brethren who hold fast to the doctrine of creation have recognized the importance of the creation account as the foundation of their Christian faith. They understand innately, that unless you uphold belief and confidence in God’s creation account, then all subsequent scriptural accounts will fall into question. Forsaking scriptural accounts leads to a moral collapse, which seems to be the case at present in Ireland to a certain degree. Faithful Irish Catholics are still fighting on the pro life front. But this fire fighting approach is interfering with their time for faith building. Catholic theologians would do well to avoid theistic evolutionary indoctrination and rediscover Special Creation by fiat as understood by Church Fathers, Doctors, Councils and Popes down the centuries. This will help engender a real faith building exercise, where the Catholic faithful can be fully confident of their Christian heritage. The net result being a stronger pro life lobby.

Origins Science and theology

Daylight Origins Society firmly believe in the need to question the theory of evolution, in light of the disharmony between faith and reason now undermining the Catholic faith. Origins science should not be about promoting new theories, but rather seek harmony with God’s Special Creation account by fiat. Mankind needs to understand and appreciate that God’s inspired words are the lodestar to real science. This enables Catholics to give glory to God, and be good stewards of His Creation. Countering false philosophies such as Darwin’s theory of evolution enables Catholics to see the beauty of God’s creation. With this imbued appreciation for a created order, the moral health of a nation will rise. This is where the battle will be lost or won… The battle of the Origins Science debate. Daylight origins will continue to review and question the theory of evolution in light of pseudo scientific claims, and the theological consequences that generally follow. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to speed on origins science issues.

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