Daylight Website Goes Mobile Responsive & CMS

mobile responsive design

Daylight Origins now use mobile responsive design & CMS to help market the Catholic concept of Special Creation.

Its official, the Daylight Origins website has gone mobile responsive. This is a major digital development for our Catholic ministry. It will improve browsing experience for both desk top & mobile web surfers. This has been in the pipe line since last November 2013 while upskilling our digital marketing knowledge. Mobile responsive design enables webmasters to update their website, incorporating mobile device browsing experience. This will help our ministry reach out further when challenging the wisdom of theistic evolution in Catholic circles. Special Creation can be further evangelized, as well as the promotion of the Daylight magazine.

Why Internet Marketing is so important for Catholics

Internet marketing is important for Catholics, because it gives us a further reach. It enables us to get the message out far more effectively. This is what the protestants have been doing so well, and for so long. They have a message, and they market it. Protestants sometimes put more effort into marketing, than in their actual product itself. If Catholics have the fullness of truth, then we need to put more resources into marketing this fullness. Presentation is important, and so is having a mobile responsive website. From these perspectives, we Catholics have so much to learn from our separated brethren.

Blogs are central to your internet marketing

If you are a regular Catholic blogger, then you are onto a winner. You might not have mastered everything in terms of digital marketing, but you are off to a good start. Blogs are generally done on CMS based websites. CMS stands for Content Management System. This platform makes it easy for the average Joe to write regular blogs. The Daylight website now runs from a full CMS platform. If Catholic bloggers make use of SEO techniques, and incorporate mobile respnisive design, then they will do very well. At the end of a regular blog, you should include a call to action. Call to actions are a link to some other page, or an online purchase. Now read up on some social media marketing for Catholics, and get evangelizing.

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