The UK origins science tour begins

Uk origins science tour begins in St. Andrews College

Saint Andrew’s college is the premier venue for the UK origins science tour this March 2014

Today is a great day for Great Britain. Hugh Owen teams up with Greg Clovis to begin their UK origins science tour. The venues and dates have been firmed up, and the tour begins to roll out. The 1st origins science seminar is today (Saturday) March 1st at St. Andrew’s University near Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the 2nd time the Kolbe Center have been to St. Andrew’s college in the space of 12 months. On Sunday March 2nd, Hugh Owen and Greg Clovis will give a second seminar at St. Anthony’s Parish in London. As there are more than one St. Anthony’s Church in England’s capital, you will need to contact Greg Clovis for more specific details.

Walsingham welcomes the Kolbe Centre

On Saturday March 8th, Hugh Owen and Greg Clovis are to give a full day origins science retreat at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. This is a significant achievement, and shows their steady progress reawakening the Catholic faithful on the Church teachings on Special Creation. It is hoped that the Kolbe Center will be able to achieve the same this November 2014 in Ireland’s Marian shrine of Knock. The city of Leeds gives a great welcome to the UK origins science tour speakers on Tuesday evening March 11th. For specific details of this event, again contact Greg Clovis.

Kolbe Center tour plans for Ireland

It is hoped this year that the Kolbe Center will come to Ireland in November. If Britain can have her UK origins science tour, then Ireland rightly deserves an Irish tour. The current locations being considered are, Belfast, Knock Shrine, Limerick & Waterford. If you’d like to get involved in such an origins science seminar initiative, do contact the Daylight Origins Society. It is our belief that early planning will have a desired result. Our passion is to reach out to as many people in Ireland as possible. We have the connections, our database is growing, and our social media friends are expanding. We can help you, and you can help us for the Glory of God the Father in heaven.

photo credit: David Basanta via photopin cc

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