Catholic creationism – what is at stake?

You may wonder what all the fuss is about anyway, sure does it matter how old the earth is, or how it came to be? We know that God is the Creator, so that’s the main thing right? Of course, this is just sophistry, because once you accept Catholic creationism … More on this here….

You cannot hide the truth, it always breaks through

The subject of origins science, it’s such an incredible journey to take, but one filled with obstacles and foreboding. But that’s the cross, which makes us stronger, that replenishes cold friends with warm hearts. Yes, the origins science journey is turning out to be just that, but you got to … More on this here….

Thomas Seiler – Scientist and practicing Catholic

Thomas Seiler is a physicist who heralds from Frieberg in Germany, not far from Stuttgart. He grew up circa the touristic Black Forrest region and was given a Catholic education by his parents. Thomas is a cradle Catholic and was in his younger days, an alter boy in his home … More on this here….