Daylight Origins going under the radar for origins science evangelization

It has been a remarkable origins science evangelization journey, and one that has taken some twists & turns. We have now reached a new level of internet marketing for our Daylight magazine, and one we shall roll out in October. We want to give our regular visitors to the Daylight … More on this here….

Origins Science magazine for Catholics

The Daylight Origins Science magazine issue no. 47 is in the process on being finalized for printing, and promises to be another good read for our Daylight subcribers. The editor & chief (Anthony) has ensured that it is contemporary and will be worth a browse. This origins science journal is … More on this here….

The Daylight Ireland Origins Science Tour begins today

This week is an important week for Ireland, although not the most significant one. The editor of Daylight magazine Anthony Nevard has arrived on our shores. We have our Daylight Ireland tour plans laid out for us, so we will have a lot to do for the cause of Special … More on this here….

Daylight Origins Ireland tour planning stage

Daylight Origins Society members are travelling across the north west of Ireland as of the 29th July for a short week. Our Daylight magazine editor & chief will be touring with us for 5 full days. Anthony Nevard is on schedule to arrive in Dublin on Monday 29th July, where … More on this here….

Pope John Paul II – His statement on evolution in October 1996

Much has been said of Pope John Paul II’s statement “evolution as more than an hypothesis” pronounced in 1996. You can read the MESSAGE TO THE PONTIFICAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: ON EVOLUTION as was given by Pope John Paul II. This statement heralded a readily acceptance of the theory of evolution within the … More on this here….

A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory – An origins science enhancer

The truth shall set you free, and John Wynne wishes to do just that with his publication of A Catholic Assessment of Evolution Theory. This book is a recent addition to the plethora of good Catholic publications on the origins science debate. It is a comprehensive A5 sized paper back … More on this here….

Pro-life blog special

As Daylight Origins Society recognize abortion as one of the many evil fruits of Darwinian evolutionary world views, we feel it only proper to give an update on the Irish situation. In Ireland the current government seem hell bent on foisting abortion on the Irish nation, despite the strong pro-life … More on this here….