Hugh Owen hits the ground running on origins science

Ireland was known as a land of saints and scholars for centuries. It has lost a lot of that religious & academic prestige. But thankfully, we can call Ireland the land of miracles. Certainly with the present origins science tour of Ireland, this is what it feels like thus far. … More on this here….

All systems go

This week is so hectic with the promotion of the Kolbe Center seminar tour in Ireland, that we cannot commit to a regular sized blog on origins science. Keep our ministry in your prayers, that many people will attend the Special Creation seminars in Ireland this early November. A lot … More on this here….

Things are hotting up from an origins science perspective

The planned Kolbe Center origins science seminar tour of Ireland is really hotting up now. We have the venues, dates and times sorted. We have the accommodation planned, and the transport modes in place. This will be one great evangelization tour of the Emerald Isle. God has been so good … More on this here….

The Big Bang Theory versus the Big Wrapper Hypothesis

In this week’s blog, we are going to hypothesize around origins science. We will take the current dominant philosophy that explains the beginnings of the universe; The Big Bang theory. We will consider our new hypothesis in relation to the initial beginnings; The Big Wrapper Hypothesis. We all hear so … More on this here….

Special Creation by Fiat seminars in Ireland and the UK

Its official, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation are crossing the pond to give Special Creation by Fiat seminars. This is an exciting time for supporters of the Daylight Origins Society as we make further inroads against the monopoly of theistic evolution. The aim of these seminars is to … More on this here….

Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God according to Fr. Robert Spitzer

What’s really going on in the Cosmos? That is the question that Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J. is going to tackle at an upcoming college campus conference. The two day conference will be on the 12th & 13th of October 2013 in UCD’s Astra Hall, Belfield, Dublin 4 in Ireland. It … More on this here….

Removing the evolution mindset changes more than origin science views

We never knew that the road we were to embark on was to be so very rich & fulfilling. This is exactly how it is turning out to be. Once we removed ourselves from the evolution mindset of molecules to man with the vast timeline, a vacuum was ready to … More on this here….