The evolving situation of origins science education

Daylight Origins write John mentioned some years ago how in Ireland, the creation evolution debate was optional for teaching in Irish schools. This was a surprise, as it seemed that this syllabus model was what was wished for by Creationists and Intelligent designers in the U.S.A and the UK. Recently a young … More on this here….

Pope Francis – a Pontiff with origins science credentials

Daylight Origins Society world like to extend a welcome to our new Pope Francis. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide his thoughts and actions. We pray that the Lord will give Pope Francis the wisdom of Solomon, the fortitude of David, the passion of St. Paul and the … More on this here….

Catholic creationists – what is it all about?

Catholic creationists are on the rise, with more and more noise being heard from ministries such as Le Cep in France, The Kolbe Center in the U.S. and Daylight Origins in the UK and Ireland. It is no surprise that Catholics who were once closed off to the origins science … More on this here….

Happy Christmas from Daylight Origins Society

This week we’ll be brief, as tonight is the eve of our Lord & King’s birthday. We’ll postpone any talk on origins science for now, or Catholic view on creation regarding whether Genesis is a Catholic creation story or Catholic creation myth. Instead we thank the Lord for his goodness, … More on this here….