Why we should not compromise our faith with evolution

Many Catholics fail to ponder on this question. They all too willing forgo any discernment process when it comes to theistic evolution. Particularly those Catholics who have been endowed with academic qualifications. Catholic theologians & philosophers may even propose that those who don’t accept Darwin’s theory of evolution, simply do … More on this here….

All systems go

This week is so hectic with the promotion of the Kolbe Center seminar tour in Ireland, that we cannot commit to a regular sized blog on origins science. Keep our ministry in your prayers, that many people will attend the Special Creation seminars in Ireland this early November. A lot … More on this here….

Origins Science magazine for Catholics

The Daylight Origins Science magazine issue no. 47 is in the process on being finalized for printing, and promises to be another good read for our Daylight subcribers. The editor & chief (Anthony) has ensured that it is contemporary and will be worth a browse. This origins science journal is … More on this here….