Kolbe Center UK Tour for effective origins science evangelization

This has been the predicament of late… the world has promised much, but has given little. We were sold an evolutionary deception, and now we Catholics are waking up. Morality is being ignored by politicians with vested interests, and theistic evolutionist clergy aren’t proclaiming truths. Catholics laity now realize there … More on this here….

Iron sharpens iron, and makes good for Catholic evangelization

Things may sometimes go stale from time to time, but behind the origins science scene, iron is sharpening iron. Of late we’ve been in-undated with personal commitments to keep bread on the table. Other Catholic evangelization websites have taken priority, and in some way it has all been very beneficial … More on this here….

Daylight Origins Ireland tour planning stage

Daylight Origins Society members are travelling across the north west of Ireland as of the 29th July for a short week. Our Daylight magazine editor & chief will be touring with us for 5 full days. Anthony Nevard is on schedule to arrive in Dublin on Monday 29th July, where … More on this here….

Daylight Origins Science Magazine has been distributed

When you are involved in a ministry that is completely voluntary, not for profit and spread over 2 countries on the edge of Europe, your bound to improvise. So much so, that we finally sent out our 1st of 3 origin science magazines for the year 2013. This is an … More on this here….

A Catholic evangelization in a secular world conference is being held in London

Daylight Origins Society members from Ireland are travelling to London in May to attend a major Catholic conference. This event will enable the Irish contingency of 3 to meet up with Daylight magazine editor Anthony Nevard. The origins science matters will be foremost on their minds minds on the day … More on this here….