A paradigm shift is taking root in some Catholic circles

Origins science is going through a paradigm shift in some contemporary Catholic circles. What is a Paradigm shift? To explain this quickly, a  paradigm is our world view. It is the lens we look at the world through. For a simplified example; if you wear dark shades, the world will … More on this here….

Catholic scientists who question the certainty of evolution

It’s encouraging to know that there are a body of Catholic scientists willing to reflect on the scientific merits of evolution. Not only that, but they don’t mind publicising the anomalies regarding the interpreted evidence used as proof for millions of years and dating methodologies. This gives great solace to … More on this here….

What is Theistic evolution?

Theistic evolution is a religious variation on evolutionism. Theistic evolution is the belief that God used evolution to create mankind. Another expression used is evolutionary creation. Theistic evolution is considered a compatible creation exegesis with regards contemporary scientific interpretations on the subject of biological evolution. Another expression of evolutionary creation … More on this here….

Origins science – Whats it all about?

To understand what is origins science, we need to compare it with operational science. Very often the two sciences are interlinked when speaking of scientific evidence. However this interlinking does not mean that they go hand in hand, but merely used out of convenience. Origins science deals with something outside … More on this here….

Catholic creationists – what is it all about?

Catholic creationists are on the rise, with more and more noise being heard from ministries such as Le Cep in France, The Kolbe Center in the U.S. and Daylight Origins in the UK and Ireland. It is no surprise that Catholics who were once closed off to the origins science … More on this here….

Catholic creationism – what is at stake?

You may wonder what all the fuss is about anyway, sure does it matter how old the earth is, or how it came to be? We know that God is the Creator, so that’s the main thing right? Of course, this is just sophistry, because once you accept Catholic creationism … More on this here….