Special Creation by Fiat seminars in Ireland and the UK

Special Creation by Fiat seminars are being held in Ireland and the UK this winter 2013

Special Creation by Fiat seminars are being held in Ireland and the UK this October & November 2013

Its official, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation are crossing the pond to give Special Creation by Fiat seminars. This is an exciting time for supporters of the Daylight Origins Society as we make further inroads against the monopoly of theistic evolution. The aim of these seminars is to assist in restoring truth, and rediscovery of our Catholic heritage which has been largely neglected of late. Special Creation by Fiat is about giving glory to God in light of authentic Catholic instruction. The Kolbe Center aims to proclaim the gospel in its fullness, and not in half measures. We welcome Hugh Owen to Britain and Ireland as an American well acquainted with our shores. We are thirsty for the Catholic faith, and knowledge on origins science. Daylight Origin’s supporters look forward to the Special Creation by Fiat seminars.

The benefits of these Special Creation by Fiat seminars

As coordinators of the Irish seminars, we firmly believe from experience that these origins science talks will kindle a fire for your Catholic faith. Special Creation by Fiat encompasses the fullness of truth, and makes for wholesome solid food. This food will build up your faith, and make you strong for your journey towards God. If you are used to taking milk for sustenance as a Catholic, you might find this solid food a bit hard to stomach. However, don’t be put off as there is a bounty from God waiting for you. The Special Creation by Fiat seminars are like a narrow door that you need to get through. Once you get through this origins science portal, you will suddenly see the richness of your Catholic heritage open up, like a vast hidden treasure. You will begin to see how your faith is founded on the rock. “I also say to you that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of Hades will not overpower it.” this is the line from Mathew 16:18, which Jesus spoke. Peter was our first Pope, and it gives up great hope that the Kolbe Center draw their well of knowledge from the fullness of truth of Catholic teachings.

Where are these Special Creation by Fiat Seminars being held?

The Kolbe Center will be presenting their origins science talks in England on October 27 at London, before a weekend retreat in Rome. Then on Monday November 4th, Special Creation by Fiat seminars commence in Ireland at Cavan town. The next venue is in north west Dublin on Tuesday 5th, followed by Cork city on Wednesday 6th. On Friday the 8th the Kolbe Center for the study of Creation will visit Letterkenny in Donegal. For more details you can check out our Special Creation by fiat seminars page. Hugh Owen will give an origins science talk at St. Andrew’s College, Scotland on November 13th before heading back across the pond to give a Catholic Creation Conference in Ohio. Do spread the word about these British and Irish seminars, and come along. There is a bounty of faithful answerswaiting for you…

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