The Pontifical Academy of Sciences

The late Pope John Paul II made a widely publicized address to The Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 1996, saying “new knowledge leads the theory of evolution to be no longer considered as a mere hypothesis”. The Pontifical Academy of Sciences has its origins in the Academy of Lynxes in 1603 under the Patronage … More on this here….

Win 4 free tickets to Statio Orbis Mass at Croke Park’s International Eucharistic Congress – Dublin, Ireland

Presently in Ireland, we are graced with hosting the international Eucharistic Congress. So far the event has gone very well with God sending Ireland a unusual opening spell of very good weather. Touch wood He preserves this for the duration of the International Eucharistic Congress event. This timely event is an … More on this here….

Do all Catholics believe in the Theory of Evolution?

A lot of good intentioned priests of academic caliber spend a lot of time marrying the Theory of Evolution to scripture, and often times their erudite minds captivate the audience. They give out reasoned arguments for God’s existence, and the folly of atheism, and by the end of their seminars, … More on this here….

Pope Benedict gives blessing to seminar critically assessing the “Theory of Evolution”

Papal Blessing on critical evolution examination Evolution and Pope Benedict Pope Benedict has given a Vatican Apostolic Blessing to a recent seminar which questioned the certainty of Darwin’s theory of evolution. This seminar took place in the latter half of 2009 in Austria, and is seen as a welcome development … More on this here….