Ireland and the gay marriage vote

62% of Irish people favoured the gay marriage vote in Ireland, which is about 1.1 million Irish citizens. It was 36 years ago, when Pope John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979. Back then, a sizeable 1.25 million citizens congregated at Dublin’s Phoenix Park to here Saint John Paul celebrate … More on this here….

Adam and Eve Seminar – Dublin and Galway

It is almost upon us now as we do our final preps for the Adam and Eve seminar in Dublin and Galway. Hugh Owen has booked his flight to Ireland, and the event promoters have done their work. We leave it to God Our Heavenly Father, and Our Holy Mother … More on this here….

Adam & Eve – The meaning of marriage?

What is the meaning of marriage? Is it about love & relationships, or is it simply about family? Could it be a combination of the two? Well, perhaps you can decide for yourself. After all, who are we to judge? These questions are asked of many people the world over … More on this here….

The creature is often more revered…

It has been stated in Holy Scripture (see Romans 1:25) that the creature is more revered than the creator! If we look around our impassioned world, it seems to be a very accurate statement. How many of us spend a life time admiring the beauty of the opposite sex, be … More on this here….

A moral conscience

Irish politician, former Fianna Fail Senator Jim Walsh has resigned the party over the Children & Family Relationships bill. This deceptive bill claims to be about children’s rights, but it has such short comings, that it seems anything but concerned for children’s rights. Anyone with even the slightest of moral … More on this here….

Ireland suffers because of theistic evolution

It seems that the land of Saints & Scholars is under heavy attack from the government, the media, the social engineers, and a rudderless Catholic clergy. A once proud Catholic nation really has felt the rug pulled beneath her feet. This has been an ongoing process for Ireland, but of … More on this here….

I have spoken to you from Heaven

A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days can be researched with the aid of a recently launched (2015) publication. ‘I have spoken to you from Heaven’ is a new book co-authored by 3 Catholic men, and sets out to chart how and why the Catholic church understands the creation … More on this here….