Things are hotting up from an origins science perspective

origins science talks in Ireland have been well attended in the past

The Kolbe Center’s Ireland Tour preps for origins science evangelization are well under way, thanks to God’s providential care.

The planned Kolbe Center origins science seminar tour of Ireland is really hotting up now. We have the venues, dates and times sorted. We have the accommodation planned, and the transport modes in place. This will be one great evangelization tour of the Emerald Isle. God has been so good to the Daylight Origins Society, and we give Him the Glory. Additionally, we have our magazine articles almost ready for submission for ‘Daylight’ issue number 48. While the Kolbe Center tours Ireland, our Daylight editor will be finalizing the next origins science magazine. This is a labour of love, and our zeal for the work carries great enthusiasm. Take a look at the line up for our Irish Special Creation seminars.

An origins science evangelization tour with a difference

Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center has been to Ireland on many occasions. He has slowly built up a network base to get the important message out. Ireland like the rest of the Catholic world needs to know that evolution is not a dogma. There are solid alternatives to Darwinism and theistic evolution. The Catholic Church does provide teaching from the deposit of faith on origins science. But giving seminars is not the sole purpose of this origins science tour. We aim to build on the network grafted up over the years. The Daylight Origins team are hard at it, making use of good orthodox Catholics willing to help in anyway possible. We have seen God open doors, we have felt His providential care. We have already made new key contacts. This will enable us to continue planning future annual origins science tours in the years ahead.

What we hope to achieve from our origins science tour schedule

We already know from our support base on the ground, that quite a few people know about the Kolbe Special Creation seminars. This is good publicity, and one we need to continue to build on. Our main aim is to continue to get the word out on the official Catholic teachings from the magisterium. We then desire to influence more key people in prayer ministries. We want a ground up approach to tackling Darwinism. We are aiming to get supportive priests on board, but in a realistic and practical way. God is good, and if we continue to put in the efforts… He will provide. You too can help our Daylight Origins ministry by blogging, or tweeting about us. We desire to reach the Top 100 Facebook Pages For Catholics in the future. You can like our FB page today, and together we can build up this important origin science ministry.

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