Origins science Daylight magazine, winter 2013

origins science for Catholics  in a neat a5 format Daylight magazine

The latest origins science Daylight magazine for Catholics promises to be as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.

It coming along nicely, the winter edition of Daylight magazine 2013. We’ve been blessed to have a team of article writers, all of whom have made good contributions. It was such a great joy to receive an email from the Daylight magazine editor. Anthony Nevard emailed us a sneak preview of the front and rear cover. From what we’ve seen, it is pretty encouraging presentation. As Catholics, we understand the huge importance of our charism. We are about origins science, and getting back to the traditional and literal interpretation of Genesis as understood and affirmed by orthodox Catholic teaching. The Daylight origins science winter magazine concludes a busy year for our team, and our supporters.

What’s inside this origins science Daylight magazine edition?

We can’t tell you everything that you may expect, but we can say that there are some goodies for everyone. There will be in-depth reports on the recent Irish Special Creation seminars. We are likely to have an article from Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center that we picked up during the year. We can almost count on Mr. Donnelly’s technical contribution titled ‘The God of Chance’. We may have some interesting article on Stone Circles, but that is not a given. We most probably have a very unique article from a long standing Catholic creationist from the U.S. The editor is sure to pepper & spice the winter edition Daylight magazine with scientific reviews and theological backdrops. We may even have something never discussed or considered before in philosophical realms that might tickle your fancy.

Where to get your copy of Daylight

Daylight’s origins science magazine for Catholics is an ideal Christmas gift. It is a nice bite sized faith building magazine for Catholics on the go. It will certainly give you a lot of food for thought reading this 36 paged A5 format Daylight magazine. You can pick up a copy in the post for a small annual subscription. Your subscription costs just £10 (UK based) or £12 (international) for 3 magazine copies per year. You can also do a trial period for as little as £3 (or £4 for overseas). There is also a student price option to help combat students against Darwinism in the education system. Subscribe today for your origins science copies of Daylight magazine.

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