Iron sharpens iron, and makes good for Catholic evangelization

catholic evangelization can be razor sharp on the internet

Iron sharpens iron with internet Catholic evangelization

Things may sometimes go stale from time to time, but behind the origins science scene, iron is sharpening iron. Of late we’ve been in-undated with personal commitments to keep bread on the table. Other Catholic evangelization websites have taken priority, and in some way it has all been very beneficial to Daylight Origins Society. As far as today’s Catholic evangelization goes, it would be paramount that we strive towards an integrated mission that includes the internet. Origins science has great potential on a web platform, and our passion is to unveil this year, a mobile responsive website of a good SEO standard. We’ve learned how to do this from the other priority sites, and now we are ready to begin an origins science website overhaul to bring us up to speed with technology.

What should we expect from our Catholic evangelization website upgrade?

The upgrade will be similar in look and feel to our current website, but with a bit more flair, and navigability. We have had great success with out email subscription form on the home page. It seems that a site wide email form is warranted. A site wide magazine subscription form will also be available among other important Catholic evangelization interactions. The important thing going forward is the mobile responsive design. This will keep us in the game into the future. Probably the most important aspect of our origins science internet ministry is good user friendly mobile access.

Any other features on the Daylight Origins website upgrade?

We are going cms (content management system). That is to say, it will become easier to add new content to the counter theistic evolution website. We will be able to spread tasks over a number of active members, giving a richer flavour to our Catholic evangelization site. This is important if the ministry is to continue to grow and expand. It will take some time to complete, but we’ve began to develop the system already. The best thing is, that it won’t effect the current website for a month or so yet. Iron sharpens iron, making good for internet based Catholic evangelization.

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