Noah and the flood according to Hollywood

noah and the flood according to Hollywood?

Russel Crowe captains the ark in Hollywood’s version of Noah and the flood.

Very recently we got excited to see a billboard in Dublin advertising a film release on a popular bible story Noah and the flood. Hollywood actor Russell Crowe is playing the lead role of Noah, and from the trailer it looks like a watershed of a movie. Can it be real? Is Hollywood finally marketing to young earth creationists? Well one thing is possible, Noah and the flood may be a film awash with movie pundits looking for some thriller action. But Daylight Origins will not be rowing in with the crowd… Why? Because we believe those at the helm of this enterprising movie have made a hash of the true account given to us by God our Father in Heaven.

What is wrong with this Noah movie?

When you look at the ark depiction on the movie trailer, it looks very grotty. The only time it looks anyway reasonable is when its floating in the wild ocean. Noah also comes across a bit simple or disjointed with his native countrymen. These two things flagged possible concerns that gave impetus to investigate further. It was just a hunch, but Daylight Origins wanted to see if there was a film review published by young earth creationists. It turns out that Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis creation ministries has serious concerns about the movie on Noah and the flood.

What does our separated brethren have to say about the Hollywood movie?

Our Evangelical brothers are already on top of their game reviewing this film on Noah and the flood. A private rough cut screening witnessed the ark being filled with every species, and at a mature age. But the ark needed only every kind, not every species. The kinds need only be young adolescence to make things a lot more practical. Hollywood’s Noah is supposedly the last of the human race, as Noah’s family will not replenish the earth. This is at odds with scripture, as all mankind today are descended from Noah. There is a lot more on this Hollywood effort on Noah and the flood. In a nutshell, this ark movie is a watered down version on God’s account as recorded in Genesis. On that note, do go and see the Genesis movie instead.

photo credit: Cinema per tutti via photopin cc

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