New internet health warning!

internet stress

How the internet can effect webmasters who take their eye off the ball. This should be the reaction of theistic evolution theologians when they see students fall away from their faith…

The internet can cause high stress levels… especially if your a rookie webmaster trying out new tricks! Daylight Origins have decided to issue an unofficial health warning after learning of a webmaster’s mishap. The rookie was getting very confident with his new found skill set. Upon applying a new WordPress theme template for illustration purposes, the website crashed! What was worse is, the website was a good Catholic platform. The webmaster found himself suffering from self denial, which was followed by shock. Stress levels kicked in immediately and did not return to normal until later the next day. The shock dissipated, and soon the self loathing kicked in. This has lead to an unofficial internet health warning.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Thankfully the rookie webmaster did not have a heart attack, but had a lot of stock taking to do afterwards. The strange thing is, there are a lot of people out there with a little information. For example, many learned and distinguished men believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution on some evidence they hear. The little knowledge that is imparted too them, makes them as dangerous as rocket missiles. They hone in on unsuspecting targets, and the next thing you know, the faith in God is blown to oblivion.

Lessons to learn

It is so important to have a good authoritative figure to learn from. A good college degree in IT skills followed with some good experience will make you one great all round webmaster. This in turn will help reduce unofficial internet related health risks that rookies sometimes experience. Likewise relying on the Catholic Church Fathers, Popes, Councils, Saints and Doctors in the origins science domain, will better prepare you to withstand honing Darwinian rocket missiles. So the next time you hear evidence for Darwin’s theory of evolution, withhold your judgement until you hear first from the counter evolution side…

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