Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God according to Fr. Robert Spitzer

Fr. Robert Spitzer has written a book called Evidence for God from contemporary Physics & Philosophy

Fr. Robert Spitzer is giving a seminar in Dublin, Ireland on Science, 'Dark Energy' and God

What’s really going on in the Cosmos? That is the question that Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J. is going to tackle at an upcoming college campus conference. The two day conference will be on the 12th & 13th of October 2013 in UCD’s Astra Hall, Belfield, Dublin 4 in Ireland. It is sure to be well attended with the generous admission fee of just €5 for students. The conference on Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God will include an opening mass celebrated chiefly by the Irish Papal Nuncio Archbishop Charlie Brown.

About Fr. Robert Spitzer

Fr. Robert Spitzer is a Jesuit priest with impressive credentials, playing many & varying consultancy roles for hallmark companies. He is also the president of the Magis Center of Reason & Faith in the Unites States. It is here where Fr. Robert Spitzer will be drawing from his well of knowledge with regards Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God. As a Jesuit priest, he has been busy with his ministry, appearing on television talk shows, and producing books on proofs for God’s existence. One such book Fr. Robert Spitzer publish is called ‘Evidence for God from contemporary physics and Philosophy‘. Then there is the DvD seminar by our Jesuit priest friend on Science, God & Creation.There are numerous other related publications which combined make Fr. Robert Spitzer a good candidate for discussing Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God

Is Fr. Robert Spitzer a good origins science advocate?

What comes across quite early in our initial research on Fr. Robert Spitzer, is a man and a Jesuit priest who sees the need to tackle the origins science issue within Catholicism. That is to be welcomed, and we shall know a whole lot more on his views after attending the Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God conference this mid October. Fr. Robert Spitzer has made it his passion to get involved in the area of origins science, and is president of the Magis Center of Reason & Faith, which is to be acknowledged. It is important however to take his seminars with a guarded enthusiasm. One area that may give rise to concern, is his advocacy for reason & faith from a contemporary physics and philosophy perspective. It is important to discern if modern philosophers are good guys, or bad. Remember faith is the lodestar to reason, not the other way around.

Spheres of knowledge that may be overlooked by Fr. Robert Spitzer

There is always a temptation to marvel at modern discoveries, and discard the old principled trains of thought. When it comes to Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God, Fr. Robert Spitzer might be good on the contemporary physics and philosophy. But discern for yourself if he overlooks the old principled scholastic philosophy favoured by the Catholic Church. Discern too what this Jesuit priest has to say on what the Church Fathers have to say on origins science. Fr. Robert Spitzer will probably have to avoid speaking at lenght on the Catholic Church’s understanding of origins of Adam & Eve. This may be, so as not to highlight the irreconcilable difference between Special Creation by Fiat, and theistic evolution. But when it comes to Science, ‘Dark Energy’ and God, we do welcome this conference. We firmly believe that it will be fruitfully beneficial if attendees supplement this 2 day event with a follow up 2.5 hour seminar on Special Creation by Fiat in Early November 2013 given by Hugh Owen and Greg Clovis. Looking forward to seeing you at both origins science events…

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