Irish pro life website cyber attack

When you proclaim truth, you will be attacked. This includes a cyber attack, and this is exactly what has happened to an Irish Pro Life group this morning. Their website was hacked, and thousands of pro life supporters were potentially caught off guard as a result. The cyber attack was another … More on this here….

National Convention for Life in Dublin Castle

Today witnessed a great event in Irish pro life history as a full house attended the Irish national convention for life. It was so packed, that there was standing room only for those who could not get admittance on time. 600 people were anticipated to attend this event, but the … More on this here….

The Rally for Life Movement in Ireland is gaining huge momentum

Saturday 6th July 2013 was an historic occasion for Ireland. An amazing turn out of over 50,000 people (at least) walked down O’Connell street in Dublin. This was Ireland’s biggest ever pro-life rally against abortion. It was an amazing achievement by Youth Defence, along with the Life Institute and Precious Life … More on this here….

Pro-life blog special

As Daylight Origins Society recognize abortion as one of the many evil fruits of Darwinian evolutionary world views, we feel it only proper to give an update on the Irish situation. In Ireland the current government seem hell bent on foisting abortion on the Irish nation, despite the strong pro-life … More on this here….

Unite for life vigil turnout success in Dublin, Ireland

It was a very well organised event, as the Irish police estimated an attendance of 30,000 people, young & old. A most professional of pro life rallies, that really pleased the crowds to no end. So much so, that when it came to donations, there was more than a silent … More on this here….

Pro life chronicles 2012 conitnues and Haekel’s contribution to Ireland’s abortion debate

Pro life is very strong in Ireland, but there is a rise in pro-choice activist in Ireland, inflamed by a distortion of media reporting on Savita’s death. We must consider the real contributor that has led to the rise of a relaxed attitude in educated people regarding abortion. In science, … More on this here….