Blessed Pope John Paul II Statue & Prie Dieu Unveiling in Dublin

Blessed Pope John Paul II used this kneeler during his visit to Ireland in 1979

Blessed Pope John Paul II’s Prie Dieu that he used in 1979 during his stay at the Irish Papal Nunciature on the Navan Road. This will be on display along with a life like statue of the late pontiff at Our Lady Help Of Christian’s parish, Dublin.

A guarded Holy item in the Navan Road parish in Dublin is about to be unveiled. An elegant kneeler used by Blessed Pope John Paul II is to be put on display in Our Lady Help of Christians’ Church. Along side this kneeler, it is planned to showcase a statue of Blessed Pope John Paul II. The statue dimensions are about 2/3 life size, and it is made of fiber glass. Blessed Pope John Paul II can be seen kitted out in his liturgical vestments. The statue is adorned with a light golden chasuble, a neat pollium, and trademark red shoes. Blessed Pope John Paul II wears a golden striped mitre and holds the standard Papal silver crozier. The finally robed pontiff has come straight from Rome at a price, and donations are welcome.

Where and when can we see Blessed Pope John Paul’s Statue

Blessed Pope John Paul II can be glimpsed at Our Lady Help of christian’s parish church on the Navan road, Dublin 7. He will be placed in a secure glazed inset, a former confession box. On October 22nd (the late pontiff’s feast day), the statue will be formally unveiled. The Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Charles Brown will celebrate mass at the Navan Road church to commemorate this event. In mid December, Archbishop of the Dublin Diocese, Diarmuid Martin will bless the national shrine, and celebrate mass at the Navan Road Church.

The Navan Road connection with Blessed Pope John Paul II

You may wonder why a statue has been procured for Our Lady Help of Christians’ parish. The connection with the late Pope is his visit to Ireland in 1979. The pontiff stayed at the Papal Nuncio’s residence, right beside the Navan Road church. It is claimed that the Holy Pontiff paid a discreet visit to Our Lady Help of Christians for private adoration. During his time at the Apostolic Nunciature, Blessed Pope John Paul II used a Prie Dieu. This is a kneeler that was later gifted to the Navan Road Parish in May 1982 by the late Archbishop Alibrandi. The Prie Dieu has been kept in the Church sacristy since then. It was decided in reverence to Blessed Pope John Paul II to display this upholstered wine velvet kneeler. The Statue gives the glazed inset display an instant relevance.

Blessed John Paul II and the origins science connection

It is so important that we bring the origins science topic up for our Catholic brethren. In October 1996, the media proclaimed our Blessed Pontiff an evolutionist. They did this after a statement read out to the Pontifical Academy of Science. In a letter of low authority called a nuntius, the late Pope made a statement on evolution. This letter was written in French, and states: “… de nouvelles connaissances conduisent à reconnaitre dans la théorie de l’évolution, plus qu’une hypothèse”. This properly understood says that there is new knowledge, which has led to evolution being considered not just a hypothesis but more than a hypothesis. This statement then in no way claims that evolution is a fact, but merely implies that there is new information that supports evolution as a possible credible theory.

Who penned the nuntius for Blessed Pope John Paul II

In an open letter to our holy pontiff, Fr. David Becker claimed that Fr. Stanley Jaki, had a prominent role to play in penning the nuntius. Fr. Becker was the editor of the Watchmaker publication, a magazine like today’s Daylight. The late Fr Stanley Jaki was a leading propagator of evolution within the Catholic Church around this period. He was also an honorary member of the Pontifical Academy of Science, whom the nuntius was addressed to. Today, when our current Pope Francis speaks, he is often taken completely out of context by the media on issues of social justice. It was no different for our Blessed Pope John Paul II back in 1996. “Evolution is more than just a theory says the Pope” featured the Daily Mail. “Pope yield to theories of evolution” featured the Daily Telegraph. “Vatican’s slow evolution as it discovers Darwin” featured The Independent. But even saying “evolution is more than just a theory” is not stating evolution is now a fact! To be more informed on the evolution question, visit,, or our own

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